Advantages of Torrent

1.BitTorrent is an open-source program offers a spyware- annuisance-free installation.
2.Allows users to share large amounts of data in a short span of time.
3.Discourages “freeloading” by rewarding fastest uploaders.
4.BitTorrent requires that users share files back with the community, so no one can get files without also giving files — this level of reciprocity makes the system stronger and faster.
5.The more popular a file is — the more people want a copy of it — the faster it can be downloaded, because there are more places to get pieces of it.
6.Does not require high technical knowledge to use the BitTorrent- an average person needs not a user guide.
7.By downloading a fraction of the file (1/10th) from ten to fifteen computers at the same time, the file is downloaded much faster.
8.BitTorrent enables distributors to share the distribution load witall the people who get a copy of it, reducing the bandwidth burden on the distributor.